20 April, 2011


Entries in encyclopedias and handbooks
  • The Oxford Dictionary of the Middle Ages, ed. Robert Bjork. Oxford: Oxford UP, 2010: “Ball, John;” “Clanvowe, Sir Thomas;” “Clanvowe, Sir John;” “Everyman;” “Gower, John;” “Hardyng, John;” “Hereward, ‘The Wake’;” “Higden, Ranulf;” “Hoccleve, Thomas,” “Hugh, Little of Lincoln;” “Julian of Norwich;” “Margery Kempe;” “Langland, William;” “Lydgate, John;” “Mandeville’s Travels;” “Mannyng, Robert (of Brynne);” “Paston, Family and Letters;” “Philippa of Hainault;” “Richard Rolle, of Hampole;” “Trevisa, John;” “Straw, Jack;” “Peterborough Chronicle;” “Usk, Adam;” “Metham, John;” “Medievalism;” “Nominalism, Literary.” 
  • The Literary Dictionary and Encyclopedia, ed. Robert Clark, et al. [online]: “Bruce Chatwin: Biography” [July 2001]; “Bruce Chatwin: In Patagonia” [May 2001]; “Bruce Chatwin: The Viceroy of Ouidah” [May 2001]; “Bruce Chatwin: On the Black Hill” [May 2001]; “Bruce Chatwin: Utz” [May 2001]; “Bruce Chatwin: The Songlines” [May 2001]. 
  • Kindler's Neues Literatur Lexikon, Nachtragsband, ed. Walter Jens. Munich: Kindler, 1998: “Marion Zimmer Bradley: The Mists of Avalon;” “Bruce Chatwin: The Songlines;" “Bruce Chatwin: Utz.” 
  • “John Skelton: Here After Foloweth the Boke of Phylyp Sparowe,Kindler's Neues Literatur Lexikon, ed. Walter Jens. Munich: Kindler, 1996.
  • “In Memoriam Karl Heinz Göller (May 13, 1924-April 22, 2009).” Perspicuitas [online; Jan. 2010].
  • “Otto Gründler: In Memoriam (1928-2004).” Perspicuitas [online; May 2005]; repr. in Medievalism Newsletter 2.1 (2005).
  • “Osnabrück Declaration on the Potential of European Philologies,” by Christoph König, in: Das Potential europäischer Philologien. Geschichte, Leistung, Funktion, ed. Christoph König. Göttingen: Wallstein, 2009. 219-22. (German into English)  
  • “Peter von Kastl: Seine Übersetzung der Consolatio Philosophiae des spätrömischen Philosophen Boethius,” of “Peter von Kastl: Fifteenth-Century Translator of Boethius,” by N.H. Kaylor, for Oberpfälzer Heimat 37 (1993), 67-74. (English into German)
Varia & Blogs
  • “Deggendorf, and the Long History of its Destructive Myth.” The Public Medievalist, 31 August, 2017.
  • “Cupid at the Castle: Romance, Medievalism, and Race at Atlanta's Rhodes Hall.” The Public Medievalist4 April, 2017.
  • “'A clerk ther was of Rowan County also….' What the Kim Davis Case Tells Us About America’s Long Middle Ages.”; and in The Medieval Magazine 32 (8 September 15): 36-8.
  • “Past, Present, and Neo.” In: Humanistic Perspectives in a Technological World, ed. R. Utz. Atlanta: Georgia Institute of Technology, 2014. 
  • “Come Join Us in the Cloud.” In: Humanistic Perspectives in a Technological World, ed. R. Utz. Atlanta: Georgia Institute of Technology, 2014.