08 June, 2011

Holy War Redux

The most recent issue of PMLA (126.2) contains Geraldine Heng's essai on "Holy War Redux: The Crusades, Futures of the Past, and Strategic Logic in the 'Clash' of Religions" in the Theories and Methodologies section. Highly recommended reading for those interested in medievalism/pre-modern studies and temporality. I have long had the suspicion that most critical theories from deconstruction to medievalism could, in the end, be turned against their own academic supporters, but this is the first article to provide me with the critical vocabulary and convincing examples to prove the point. I applaud Heng's call for "theory to be open to the potentiality of an intellectual crowdsourcing" to renegotiate "relations between the state of the field and the state of the world" (p. 428). For access to the uncorrected proofs of this quite brilliant article, see HERE.