30 March, 2012

Re-making Makers of the Middle Ages

Elizabeth Emery and I, co-editors of Makers of the Middle Ages: Essays in Honor of William Calin (originally published earlier this year in a bibliophile print edition and electronically with have now published the Festschrift with lulu. The twenty scholars featured in this volume for William Calin engage in personal reflection about the ways scholars, writers, musicians, and artists from different periods have "made" the Middle Ages by exploring it in their own work.

Contributors: Barbara K. Altman, Pam Clements, Elizabeth Emery, Karl Fugelso, Caroline Jewers, Alicia C. Montoya, Gwendolyn A. Morgan, E.L. Risden, Nils Holger Petersen, William D. Paden, F. Regina Psaki, Carol L. Robinson, Roy Rosenstein, Tom Shippey, Jesse G. Swan, M.J. Toswell, Richard Utz, Kathleen Verduin, Veronica Ortenberg West-Harling, Gayle Zachmann.