16 December, 2012

Band of Sisters

Scholars of medievalism generally do not focus on one of the most obvious presences of medievalism, Catholic religion. Therefore, I decided to review Director Mary Fishman's documentary, Band of Sisters, from the perspective of medievalism. The 2012 film surveys the path of U.S. women religious, focusing specifically on their reaction to Vatican II:
This documentary presents a particular challenge for students of medievalism since it focuses on women religious in the United States, specifically those who, at first sight, seem to have put the biggest distance between themselves and what we take to be the medieval origins of contemporary Catholic faith. Moreover, the invocation of HBO’s award winning Band of Brothers miniseries in the film’s title would also indicate a certain degree of concerted (“banding”) resistance to traditional practice and hierarchy, perhaps similar to the title of Jo Ann Kay McNamara’s 1996 monograph, Sisters in Arms, a 751-page tour de force following Catholic Nuns through Two MillenniaBand of Sisters evokes and meets these expectations, (READ ON)...