02 January, 2013

Todd Kuchta reviews Modernism on Sea

(( prolepsis >>Great review by Todd Kuchta of Modernism on Sea: Art and Culture at the British Seaside for Prolepsis:

Known for pebble beaches, bunting, and bawdy postcards, the British seaside is an unlikely stop on a tour of modernist landmarks. Paris, Berlin, New York, London—but Blackpool, Brighton, Bournemouth? In Modernism on Sea, editors Lara Feigel and Alexandra Harris make a case for including such locales in “a new geography of avant-gardism” (1). Their interdisciplinary collection brings together sixteen essays on the art and culture of the British seaside in the first half of the twentieth century. Contributors consider a broad swath of cultural production inspired by the promenade and pier—literature, film, architecture, design, painting, postcard art, and music. The result is an eminently readable and eye-opening mosaic of the many ways the shoreline helped to shape modern British culture. Readers may come away unconvinced that the seaside was a beachhead of avant-garde assault in Britain, but they are sure to gain a deeper appreciation for the coast’s unsung prominence in twentieth-century British art. READ ENTIRE REVIEW