15 February, 2013

Tech Medieval Symposium Now Available @ SmarTech

In the fall semester of 2012, Brittain fellow Dr. Kellie Meyer and colleagues from different areas of specialty at Georgia Tech organized a symposium, Tech Gets Medieval: How Medieval Technology Can Teach the Past.

The complete symposium is now available at Georgia Tech's SmarTech repository:

Here is a list of the presenters and their paper titles:

Opening Remarks
Burnett, Rebecca;  Meyer, Kellie;  Utz, Richard
The Afterlives of Gawain: Illustration as Annotation in the Cotton Nero Ax Manuscript
Haught, Leah
Biology and Germ Warfare
Spencer, Chrissy
Blacksmithing and Timber-Framed Houses: Pedagogy of Risk
Crawford, T. Hugh
Medieval Construction – Foundation of Today's Industry
Bowen, Brian
Neo-Medieval Fantasy in Video Games
Pearce, Celia
Tried and True Methods
Madej, Krystina
Your Mission is to Rescue Lorenzo di Medici: A Demonstration of the Pedagogical Potentials of Using Assassin's Creed II for Teaching the Italian Renaissance
Madden, Amanda