18 March, 2013

Yours truly, Chaucer, and Denmark

So I recently participated in a public defense of Dr. Ebbe Klitgård's "Habilitation" at Roskilde University, Denmark. The "Habilitation" is a postdoctoral degree-like certification that exists in various countries and, in the humanities, usually requires the publication of a major study (roughly equivalent to the U.S. "second book" necessary for promotion to professor). Dr. Klitgård's study is entitled Chaucer in Denmark: A Study of the Translation and Reception History 1782-2012. The public defense was chaired by, Ib Poulsen, the Vice-Chancelor/Rector of Roskilde University, and the two other examination committee members were Viggo Hjørnager Pedersen of the University of Copenhagen, and Søren Schou of Roskilde University.