16 September, 2013

Are You Fit For Germany? Is Germany Fit for You?

In this short article I am commenting on recent efforts, by German foundations, industry, and [the] government[s], to bring German expat scholars back 'home'. The article, "Fit for Germany," appeared in Inside Higher Ed:

There are numerous reasons for academic expatriates from Germany to desire a return to the country in which they were born and educated: Aging or sick parents, a partner or spouse, disenchantment with one’s host country and institution, a better professional fit, a more prestigious position, a well-funded research center, an exciting and securely state funded intellectual landscape, or the elusive Heimweh (home sickness), which may comprise a motley mix of nostalgic emotions and desires.  Until about 15 years ago, perhaps more, there was practically no effort in Germany to cater to such a desire to return "home," let alone to engender it. Now,... READ ENTIRE ARTICLE