02 September, 2013

The Medieval McQueen Reviewed

Our most recent addition to Medievally Speaking is a review, by Kristina Olson and Janet Snyder, of Alexander McQueen, Medieval McQueen: The Final Collection; presented March 9-10, 2010, in Paris, France. This is our journal's first review of a fashion collection, curated by Teodora Artimon:

The last collection by fashion designer Lee Alexander McQueen (1969-2010) debuted during Paris Fashion Week a month after his death. Models with delicate thin necks and a serene air wore exquisitely cut Jacquards and silks printed with imagery from Old Master paintings, textures of encrusted pearls, cabochon jewels and feathers, rich colors of crimson, gold, black and ivory, and accessories including head wraps and sculpted stilettoes. Presented at the ornate 18th Century Hotel de Clermont-Tonnerre without the celebrated showman’s usual dramatic staging, these sixteen outfits were a departure from the street-savvy, hyper-sexualized creations that made McQueen’s reputation and a return to the medieval designs that had been an enduring source of inspiration for his work. READ THE ENTIRE REVIEW HERE.