26 October, 2013

Lacassagne Reviews Khanna, How to Run the World, for Medievally Speaking

Here is a great review of one of those books that follows vaguely in the wake of Hedley Bull: Khanna, Parag. How to Run the World? Charting a Course to the Next Renaissance. New York: Random House, 2011; reviewed by Aurélie Lacassagne for Medievally Speaking 

If there is one thing this book has in common with medieval times, it is the rather complex and uncertain nature of its goals. If one were to try to map out the ideas defended in Khanna’s book, it would indeed look like a map of medieval Europe, with the constant changes of borders. Indeed, three tensions or ambivalences emerge from the reading contextualized in its relations to medievalism. Sometimes, the author asserts that our current world is neo-medieval; sometimes, he seems to wish this world would enter into neo-medievalism in order to be able to jump into a new Renaissance; and finally, the author often thinks as a medieval thinker, with the same categories and thought processes. These discursive tensions leave the reader with a long series of antithetical statements and prophecies.... READ THE FULL REVIEW HERE