05 November, 2013

The Elizabethan Invention of Anglo-Saxon England Reviewed in Medievally Speaking

Here's a link to Sharon Rhodes' recent review of: Brackmann, Rebecca. The Elizabethan Invention of Anglo-Saxon England: Laurence Nowell, William Lambarde, and the Study of Old English. Cambridge: D.S. Brewer, 2012, for Medievally Speaking. The review was curated by Leah Haught.

"Those who have read Allen Frantzen’s Desire for Origins are familiar with the idea that the earliest students of Old English studied the language with specific political (i.e. nationalistic) aims. However, although these politically motivated figures wrote in the early modern period, Frantzen’s work is written for modern scholars of Old English, not scholars of the 16th-century. That is, in Frantzen’s book and many other treatments of the roots of Old English scholarship we look at later periods only as a means of approaching the Anglo-Saxon period and not as a means of studying the periods in which Old English scholarship began. Rebecca Brackmann’s work on the other hand....."READ THE FULL REVIEW HERE