03 April, 2014

Stacey Reviews Sigu, Médiévisme et lumières

Jessica Stacey, Kings College London, recently reviewed: Sigu, Véronique. Médiévisme et lumières: le Moyen Age dans la ‘Bibliothèque universelle des romans'Oxford: Voltaire Foundation, August 2013for Medievally Speaking:

That the Middle Ages were not highly regarded by eighteenth-century French society is widely known. This is the age of Voltaire writing of the dismal, barbaric birth of Europe, of gothique as a byword for confusion and ugliness, reaching its apogee in the neo-Classicist French Revolution. However, it is also in the eighteenth century that French medievalist scholarship is born with the work of antiquarian La Curne de Sainte-Palaye, who wrote memoirs on chivalry and troubadour poetry which made their way to Horace Walpole’s library at Strawberry Hill. Alongside this serious scholarship,