07 May, 2014

Medievalism Sessions at 49th Congress on Medieval Studies

Venerable workers in the vineyard of Medievalism Studies,

I hope to see many of you at our three sessions sponsored by the International Society for the Study of Medievalism:

Saturday, 1:30pm, Fetzer 1045, Session 394:
Medievalism in and the Academy (Roundtable)
Amy Kaufman (Organizer/Presider); Fred Porcheddu, Richard Utz, Susan Aronstein, Helen Young, Michael Evans, Ann F. Howey (Presenters)

Sunday, 8:30am, Valley III, Stinson Lounge, Session 492
Medievalism I (Paper session)
Amy Kaufman (Organizer); Michael Evans (Presider)
Joanna Ludwikowska-Leniec, Teresa Rupp, Julia C. Baumgardt (Speakers)

Sunday, 10:30am, Valley III, Stinson Lounge, Session 529
Medievalism II (Paper session)
Amy Kaufman (Organizer); Pam Clements (Presider)
Rachel Landers, Helen Young, Janice McCoy, Patrick J. Murphy (Speakers)

Thanks to Amy Kaufman for continuing our presence at Kzoo! For specific program information, please click HERE

Also: The Congress is an excellent place for finding colleagues interested in joining us in Atlanta for the 29th Conference on Medievalism, October 24-25. Please try to complete the full sessions you are planning on organizing and get in touch soon thereafter. 

All best,