07 November, 2014

Forthcoming: Humanistic Perspectives in a Technological World

This veritable narrative tour through the School of Literature, Media, and Communication at Georgia Tech, ed. Richard Utz, Valerie B. Johnson, and Travis Denton, contains short essays by more than thirty faculty in my School, all focusing on how each of them fulfills our unit's mission: to provide Humanistic Perspectives in a Technological World.

Table of Contents:
Richard Utz -  Come Join Us in the Cloud
Lauren Klein - Digital Humanities as Method and Mission
Kenneth Knoespel - A Laboratory for the Future of Higher Education
Brian Magerko -  ADAM, EarSketch, and I
Carol Senf - Why We Need the Gothic in a Technological World
Michael Nitsche - What I Make
Jay David Bolter - Examining and Changing a World of Media
T. Hugh Crawford - Making Theory: Useless Design/Risky Pedagogy
Qi Wang - Mapping Cinema and the World
Karen Head - At the Center: Innovation in Research, Practice for 21st Century “Writing Centers”
Lisa Yaszek - Amazing Stories, or, Why We Do Science Fiction
Janet Murray - Inventing the Medium: The Radical Challenge of Humanistic Digital Design
Nihad Farooq - On Slavery and Social Networks
Krystina Madej - History of Narrative as Material Practice: Interpreting Communication Technologies
Ian Bogost - Understanding the “Experience” of Objects
Thomas Lux - The Poem is a Bridge: Poetry@TECH
Carol Colatrella - On Narrative
Anne Pollock - Biomedicine and Culture
Blake Leland - We’re in the Money
Carl DiSalvo - Why Study and Do Design in a College of Liberal Arts
Melissa Foulger - The Performing Arts in a Technological World
Aaron Santesso - Value and Literary Study
Jay P. Telotte - Film, Media, and SF at GT
Rebecca E. Burnett - Connecting Research and Teaching in the Rhetoric of Risk
Chistopher Le Dantec - Designing Community Engagement
Philip Auslander - Humanism, Technology, and Performance Studies
Robert E. Wood - One Cultural Context
TyAnna Herrington - Technological Empowerment in a Human World
John Thornton - Storytelling and the Art of Filmmaking
Narin Hassan - Cultural Exchanges/Global Histories: Reading Mobility
Nassim JafariNaimi - Designs, Values, and Democracy
Angela Dalle Vacche - Film Studies and International Understanding
Kathleen Ann Goonan - Science Fiction, Writing Fiction, and Understanding the History and Social Impact of Science and Technology
Rebecca Burnett, Lisa Dusenberry, Andy Frazee, Joy Robinson, Rebecca Weaver - Communicating as a Professional
Richard Utz - Past, Present, and Neo