03 February, 2015

Medievalism Studies and the Subject of Religion, published in SiM 24 (2015)

"In 2013, Cynthia Cyrus published a monograph entitled Received Medievalisms: A Cognitive Geography of Viennese Women’s Convents in Palgrave’s “The New Middle Ages” series.  In her study, Cyrus describes and examines the complex cultural history of reception of women’s monastic communities from the Ottoman siege of Vienna in 1529 through the nineteenth century. Focusing mainly on Augustinian, Premonstratensian, Clarissan, Penitent, and Cistercian monastic houses, she investigates an extensive panoply of multimodal references (visual: as in cartographical plans and various pictorial representations; verbal: as in travel literature, topographies, anecdotes, and legends) and fully fledged “foundation stories” (formal histories told to relate the origins of a specific community), to present readers with the urban-historical background for the evolving attitudes toward the city’s past…." here's how to access the ESSAY in: Medievalism on the Margins (Studies in Medievalism 24 [2015]), ed. Karl Fugelso, Vincent Ferré, and Alicia C. Montoya (Boydell & Brewer), 11-19. It is part of a forum section including wonderful work by: Elizabeth Emery, Erin Labbie, Valerie B. Johnson, Helen Young, Alexander Kaufman, Serina Patterson, and Vickie Larsen.