23 April, 2015

Looking forward to The Worlds of Robin Hood

Happy to teach an Honors Section of Medieval Literature & Culture, entitled The Worlds of Robin Hood: This class centers on the various narratives surrounding the famous medieval figure of Robin Hood. Using a cultural studies approach to what is, after all, one of the most fascinating phenomena in English cultural history, we will investigate the genesis and manifold transformations of this ancestor of all later literary outlaws in several medieval chronicles, numerous ballads and shorter tales, and five short Robin Hood plays. We will compare the English Robin Hood to similar figures in other outlaw traditions (Russia’s Stenka Razin; Mexico’s Pancho Villa), and take a look at the now global Robin Hood phenomenon. In-class presentations will compare the texts read in class with other outlaw tales or with one of the many post-medieval adaptations of the Robin Hood story in literature, film, and games. For our class, we will use Robin Hood and Other Outlaw Tales, ed. Knight/Ohlgren (1997).