24 June, 2015

The Year's Work in Medievalism 29 (2014) Published

It is my pleasure to announce the publication of volume 29 (2014) of The Year's Work in Medievalism, edited by E. L. Risden, Gale Sigal, and Richard Utz, with the assistance of our associate editors, Shiloh Carroll and Renée Ward. Here is the Table of Contents:
  • E. L. Risden: Introduction 
  • Glenn Steinberg: Teaching Shakespeare’s Sources and Contexts  
  • William Hodapp: Shakespearean Medievalism in Performance: The Second Tetralogy  
  • Bonnie J. Erwin: “Is This Winning?”: Reflections on Teaching The Two Noble Kinsmen  
  • Leigh Smith: “The matter that you read”: Saxo Grammaticus as a Source for Shakespeare and a Resource for Teachers of Hamlet  
  • Brandon Alakas: Shakespeare’s Medievalism and the Life Removed: Depictions of Religious in Measure for Measure 
  • Karl Fugelso: Cecco Bonanotte’s Moving Illustrations of the Divine Comedy 
  • Heta Aali: Early Nineteenth-Century French Historiography and the Case of the Merovingian Queens  
  • Sandra Gorgievski: Secret Gestures and Silent Revelations: The Disclosure of Secrets in Selected Arthurian Illuminated Manuscripts and Arthurian Films  
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