04 July, 2015

Michael Evans Reviews David Scaer's Passacaglia

Medievally Speaking recently published Michael Evans' review of David O. Scaer, Passacaglia. Roanoke, VA: 2014.

“You should never be king” King Louis VI of France tells his son at the beginning of David Scaer’s Passacaglia, “You have no sense of the arc of years“ (p. 5). Such an accusation could never be leveled at the author of this “Analytical Novel”. Scaer’s characters and storylines interweave and collide to illustrate how time is not a neat continuous thread but a big ball of wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey stuff. For example, Vincenzo Peruggia, the would-be patriot thief of the Mona Lisa, drags his loot in a brass-cornered case through the streets of Nice, streets named after Napoleon and his generals who Peruggia (falsely) believes stole La Gioconda from his beloved Italy. Peruggia’s tragi-comic journey is interweaved with vignettes from the life of king François I, patron of Leonardo and the man really responsible for bringing the painting to France. READ the FULL REVIEW HERE