30 July, 2015

YWiM 23 (2008) now available electronically

In our efforts to make available scholarship on medievalism previously published in small print runs, we are republishing past issues of The Year's Work in Medievalism electronically. 

As of today  volume 23 (2008), edited by M. J. Toswell, can be accessed as one complete .pdf file at our YWiM website (we will replace this current version with a higher quality scan at some later point). The issue contains the following contributions:

M. J. Toswell
Editor's Introduction

Amy S. Kaufman
Anxious Medievalism: An American Romance 

K. A. Laity
Hoefen rece swealg: Neomedievalism and Spectacle in Grendel: Transcendence of the Great Big Bad

Catherine Parayre
Last Speakers of Occitan and the Medieval Past: A Summer Festival  

Matthew D. O'Donnell
The Cult of Mary Magdeline: Symbol-Allegory in Medieval and Modern Devotional Literature 

Ruth Wehlau
Truth, Fiction, and Freedom: The Harrowing of Hell in Philip Pullman's The Amber Spyglass and Ursula Le Guin's The Other Wind 

Karl Fugelso
Neomedievalism as Revised Medievalism in Commedia Illustrations 

William Calin
Is Orientalism Medievalism? Or, Edward Said, Are You a Saracen?  

Jonathan Rollins
On The Threshold: The Liminal Self in the Twelfth and Twentieth Centuries  

Christine M. Neufeld
Unmasking the Leper King: The Spectral Jew in The Kingdom of Heaven 

Suzanne J. Clark
The Sights and Sounds of the Body and Soul in Morris' "The Deference of Guenevere" and "King Arthur's Tomb"  

D. M. R. Bentley
Dante Gabriel Rossetti's "The Staff and Scrip" and Related Pictures