30 September, 2015

I just signed the Georgia Tech Inclusivity Pledge

The Campus Inclusivity Pledge is the first phase of a year-long initiative to better campus culture from the Student Government Association and Cultural and Diversity Affairs Committee. The pledge is asking Students, Faculty, and Staff to make a personal commitment to better the conversations that occur around inclusivity on campus. Here is the text. READ, SIGN, ACT:


This pledge is a personal commitment to create a welcoming, diverse, and inclusive culture throughout the Georgia Tech Community. As Yellow Jackets, we should strive to uphold a community that values all backgrounds and embodies the Georgia Tech spirit. By signing this pledge, you promise not to be a bystander  but a part of the solution.


To RECOGNIZE that Georgia Tech is a diverse community with different backgrounds, perspectives,and intellectual pursuits.

To be RESPECTFUL of the various individuals, beliefs, and cultures on campus.

To EDUCATE myself about backgrounds different than my own to strengthen my understanding of the community around me.

To SPEAK OUT against discriminatory and hurtful language and situations.

To CELEBRATE diversity within our community and work to CREATE a wholly inclusive campus culture.