21 January, 2016

Cambridge Companion to Medievalism Coming in February

Can't wait to get my hands on the first copies of Louise D'Arcens' Cambridge Companion to Medievalism, in February. Here is the TOC:

Introduction: medievalism: scope and complexity Louise D'Arcens
1. Medievalism in British poetry Chris Jones
2. Medievalism and architecture John M. Ganim
3. Medievalism and cinema Bettina Bildhauer
4. Musical medievalism and the harmony of the spheres Helen Dell
5. Participatory medievalism, digital gaming, and role playing Daniel T. Kline
6. Early modern medievalism Mike Rodman Jones
7. Romantic medievalism Clare A. Simmons
8. Academic medievalism and nationalism Richard Utz
9. Medievalism and the ideology of war Andrew Lynch
10. Medievalism in Spanish America after independence Nadia Altschul
11. Neomedievalism and international relations Bruce Holsinger
12. Global medievalism and translation Candace Barrington
13. Medievalism and theories of temporality Stephanie Trigg
14. Queer medievalisms: a case study of Monty Python and the Holy Grail Tison Pugh.