08 January, 2016

Valerie Johnson reviews "Outlaws in Context" Conference for Medievally Speaking

Medievally Speaking begins the New Year with Valerie Johnson's review of the 2015 conference of the The International Association for Robin Hood Studies, “Outlaws in Context”. The review was curated by Michael Evans.

The International Association for Robin Hood Studies meets biennially, alternating between North America and Europe; the subject of this review is the tenth meeting, “Outlaws in Context,” held 30 June – 2 July in Doncaster, UK. Doncaster is in South Yorkshire, and the area is considered prime “Robin Hood Country” due to local references in a number of early ballads, abundant references to Robin Hood in local site names, and a rich tradition of highwaymen (real and romanticized) through the 18th century.


“Outlaws in Context” offered seven sessions, with no concurrent panels to split the attention of attendees. Nineteen papers were presented, and enthusiastic conversations followed each panel. Like many organizations, the IARHS encourages the participation of graduate students alongside seasoned academics; however, the IARHS is also open to independent scholars or enthusiasts, and several routinely attend and present at the biennial conferences. This open approach mirrors the history of Robin Hood scholarship, and encourages a diversity of voices in discussions.

The European meetings of the IARHS are generally smaller and more intimate conferences than North American counterparts. Consequently… READ THE FULL REVIEW HERE