05 February, 2016

Nailing the Campus Visit

Today, I had a great time on a panel, organized by the Brittain Postdoctoral Fellowship's Professional Development Committee (Anna Ioanes), and designed to "demystify the campus visit for jobseekers; help jobseekers approach this often whirlwind experience with confidence; answer questions about job talks, teaching demos, meetings with administrators, and meals with future colleagues; and offer strategies for standing out (in a good way!) during your campus visit." The other panelists were Brian Larson, Assistant Professor, Literature, Media, and Communication; Monica Miller, Assistant Director of Writing and Communication; and Patti Taylor, a third-year Brittain Fellow. Panelists started things off by offering strategies and stories designed to help nail the campus visit. Then we moved to a Q&A as illuminating for the panelists as for the members of the audience. Excellent professional development moment, and just another event that confirms the great quality of our LMC junior faculty and postdocs.