25 April, 2016

Session Honoring 'Boethius of the North' at International Congress on Medieval Studies

All friends, fans, and admirers of our wonderful "Boethius of the North," Nils Holger Petersen, who is celebrating his 70th birthday, please join us on Sat, May 14, 3:30, Schneider 1125, at the International Medieval Congress:
Ritus, Artes, Musica: A Session in Honor of Nils Holger Petersen 
Organizer: Amy S. Kaufman, Middle Tennessee State Univ. 
Presider: Richard Utz, Georgia Institute of Technology
A Vigil for Thomas Becket: Nils Holger Petersen’s Canterbury Pilgrimage (Kathleen Verduin, Hope College)
Medievalist Good Will and the Christmas Carol Tradition (Clare A. Simmons, Ohio State Univ.)
Dramatic Elements in Medieval Liturgical Poetry (Gunilla Iversen, Stockholms Univ.)
Liturgy, Drama, and Liturgical Drama (Michael L. Norton, James Madison Univ.)