03 April, 2016

The Year's Work in Medievalism 30 (2015), published

I am happy to announce the publication of volume 30 (2015) of The Year's Work in Medievalism, E.L. Risden and Richard Utz, eds., Shiloh Carroll and Reneé Ward, associate eds.  Here is the Table of Contents:

  • E.L. Risden: Introduction
  • Ann F. Howey: Father Doesn’t Know Best: Uther and Arthur in BBC’s Merlin
  • Leah Haught: “What if your future was the past?”: Temporality, Gender, and the “Isms” of Outlander  
  • Elan Pavlinich: The Chaucerian Debate of Auctorite versus Experience in Disney’s Sleeping Beauty and Maleficent 
  • J.P. Telotte: Flatness and Depth: Classic Disney’s Medieval Vision 
  • Valerie Johnson: Identity and Posthuman Medievalism in Sons of Anarchy  
  • Michael Evans: Is pre-Columbian America Medieval?: Indigenous Absence in American Medievalisms  
  • John Wm. Houghton: “The Lay of Baldor: a Play for Voices”  

Happy reading, and onward and forward with The Year's Work in Medievalism.