01 August, 2016

Medievalism: A Manifesto forthcoming in early 2017

Look what just showed up on My Medievalism: A Manifesto, forthcoming with ARC Medieval Press and its brand-new Past-Imperfect series, belongs to the essai genre and summarizes my thoughts about the relationship between medieval studies and medievalism and a more public-oriented academic study of the Middle Ages. In more highfaluting terms:
Since the inclusion of medieval studies in the modern academy, professional scholars have insisted on distinguishing their work from extra-academic lovers of medieval culture. Richard Utz surveys how scholars' exteriorization of amateur interest in the medieval past narrowed the epistemological range of medieval scholarship and how reception studies, feminism, and postmodernism gradually expanded approaches to the Middle Ages. His manifesto advocates an integration of academic medievalists' work within the equally valuable artistic and sociopolitical contexts of reading the medieval past. pre-order link