03 August, 2016

Medievally Speaking reviews Embracing the #femfog

Embracing the #femfog: Session at the International Medieval Congress, Leeds, UK, July 6, 2016, organized by Bettina Bildhauer, chaired by Diane Watt
Reviewed by Debbie White ( 

As a first-timer at IMC 2016, I arrived on the Sunday evening in Leeds not entirely sure what to expect, armed only with the alarmingly thick programme, a notebook and more spare pens than I knew what to do with. One of the highlights of the conference, however, was a session which was not included in the programme; a late addition to proceedings focused on ‘embracing the femfog’, which took place on Wednesday lunchtime. The eight panellists, all of whom spoke articulately (and impressively for academics, kept to time!) were Helen Young, Elaine Treharne, Robert Stanton, Christina Lee, Dorothy Kim, Jonathan Hsy, Liz Herbert McAvoy, and David Bowe, and the session was chaired by Diane Watt.... READ FULL REVIEW HERE