15 November, 2016

LMC discusses Media of Politics / Politics of Media

Today, I was happy to welcome about 70 students, staff, and faculty to a public forum on the media of politics and the politics of media in the wake of the US presidential election.  A panel of faculty speakers discussed media effects and media futures to make sense of unfolding changes in American politics: Big Data, twitter campaigns, political art, filter bubbles, email hacking, and freedom of the press.  The event was co-organized by my LMC colleagues Yanni Loukissas, Assistant Professor of Digital Media, and Laine Nooney, Assistant Professor of Digital Media.

Our panelists, on the photograph together with Yanni Loukissas (left), were (left to right): 
  • Anne Pollock, Associate Professor of Science, Technology, & Society (LMC)
  • Joycelyn Wilson, Assistant Professor of Education at Virginia Tech and DILAC Fellow
  • Juan Carlos Rodríguez, Associate Professor of Spanish (Modern Languages)
  • Janet Murray, Professor of Digital Media (LMC), Associate Dean for Research & Faculty Affairs
  • Gregory Zinman, Assistant Professor of Cinema Studies (LMC)
  • Carl DiSalvo, Associate Professor of Digial Media (LMC), Co-Director of DILAC and S-L-S