04 November, 2016

Why I work with a publisher who combines academic and entrepreneurial features...

So, my Medievalism: A Manifesto, is soon coming out as an inaugural volume with ARC Humanities Press, an arm of the CARMEN international network of medievalists. In addition to the thoughts I already mentioned in a recent INTERVIEW about issues of length, style, tone, and audience, here’s another reason for my preference for ARC Humanities Press for this specific project: I am a proponent of the public humanities, and ARC-H's publication and access policies are among the best in current academic publishing.

CARMEN is a worldwide entrepreneurial network representing c. 10,000 scholars in medieval and early modern studies. From affiliated national professional organizations like the Medieval Academy of America, the Australian & New Zealand Association for Medieval & Early Modern Studies, the Chinese Network of Medievalists, the Sociedad Española de Estudios Medievales, or the Associacao Brasileria de Estudos Medievais, to individual participating academic institutions, like the University of Arizona, the University of York, the University of Lisbon, the University of Budapest, the University of Ghent, Zhejiang University, or the University of Poitiers, CARMEN facilitates international collaborative research projects and research-related activities. One of them is the Applied Research Centre in the Humanities, which brings business partners together with academic institutions, particularly in the creation of employment-focused training elements in doctoral and postdoctoral programs, and managing student placements. A second activity of this network is the ARC Humanities Press which comprises the provision of editorial services and its own publishing house in medieval and early modern studies.