10 December, 2016

ISSM Publishes Festschrift for Gwendolyn Morgan

My recent missive to the members of the ISSM:

Dear colleagues,

The International Society for the Study of Medievalism is an association whose members cherish collegial collaboration. Unlike so many other associations in higher education, we have always welcomed ALL lovers of medieval culture and the myriad of receptions, creative and scholarly, of medieval culture, including those without the authority delegated from specific titles and degrees. And we have always taken the time to recognize those among us who have advanced our work and taken on responsibilities, academic and organizational, that created the intellectual and managerial framework within which the rest of were able to produce our own contributions. It is in this latter tradition of collegial recognition that we honored Leslie Workman in Medievalism in the Modern World (1998), Bill Calin in Cahier Calin: Makers of the Middle Ages (2011), and Kathleen Verduin in Medievalism: Key Critical Terms (2014). And it is in this same tradition that we are now honoring Gwen Morgan, friend, editor, director of conferences, and colleague and scholar extraordinaire with a special issue of The Year's Work in Medievalism, a journal she herself edited for many years. 

The official ceremonial presentation of Gwen to the Max will be happening at next year's 32nd International Conference on Medievalism at the University of Salzburg, July 16-18, during a venue she herself organized as our director of conferences. However, we did not want to wait until then to share with everyone the exciting 22 contributions to our area of specialty, expertly edited by Jane Toswell, Ed Risden, Jesse Swan, Shiloh Carroll, and Renée Ward. I am grateful to them, and to all contributors, and I hope that our DragonGwen will enjoy this tribute as a heartfelt Gramercy for the real difference she has made in our professional and private lives. 

And now please CLICK HERE to access:
Gwen to the Max. A Festschrift for Gwendolyn MorganThe Year's Work in Medievalism 31 (2016). Edited by M. J. Toswell, E. L. Risden  Jesse G. Swan, Shiloh Carroll, and Renée Ward. And please share the volume with your colleagues!