09 December, 2016

Disrupt This!

Anyone interested in a truly informed perspective on the haphazard acceptance of the latest technologies in higher education? My brilliant colleague, Karen Head, offers such a perspective in her forthcoming book, Disrupt This! MOOCs and the Promises of Technology. Here is the official description from U of New England Press' catalogue:

In this smart and incisive work, Karen J. Head describes her experience teaching a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) and the attendant pressure on professors, especially those in the humanities, to embrace new technologies in the STEM era. And yet, as she argues, MOOCs are just the latest example of the near-religious faith that some universities have in the promise of technological advances. As a teacher of rhetoric, Head is well versed at sniffing out the sophistry embedded in the tech jargon increasingly rife in the academy. Disrupt This! is a broader-based critique of the promises of technological “disruption” and the impact of Silicon Valley thinking on an unsuspecting, ill-prepared, and often gullible university community grasping for relevance, while remaining in thrall to the technologists. For more information, see HERE.