07 December, 2016

My review of La naissance de la médiévistique

Recently published a review of: Guyot-Bachy, Isabelle, and Jean-Marie Moeglin, eds. La naissance de la médiévistique: Les historiens et leurs sources en Europe au Moyen Age (XIXe - début du XXe siècle). Actes du colloque de Nancy, 8-10 novembre 2012. Hautes Etudes médiévales et modernes, 107. Genève: Droz, 2015. pp. x, 550. €61.99 (hardback). ISBN: 978-2-600-01380-2 (hardback).

"Over the last forty years, medieval scholars have exponentially increased our knowledge of the reception of medieval culture in postmedieval times. Cultural studies, feminism(s), medievalism studies, postmodernism(s), RezeptionsgeschichteRezeptionsästhetik, and various sociological studies of intellectual and academic culture have added to our self-awareness of the constructed nature of medievalist practices and rites. La naissance de la médiévistique offers twenty-five essays that focus on the genesis and development of the discipline of medieval history at the modern university during the nineteenth- and early twentieth century, i.e., a period of intensifying nationalism. As a consequence, many of the contributions describe scholars, research projects, policies, organizations, methodologies, universities, museums, and libraries that navigate the conflicting priorities of universal scholarly paradigms and specific national contexts.
Consider, for example, the different national paths and methodologies through which historians around Europe answered the need for reliably archived and (subsequently) edited historical sources...." READ THE FULL REVIEW HERE