13 December, 2016

Semester's End Harvest of LMC Research that Reaches Out

As the semester is coming toward the end, I would like to share with you three examples of how my colleagues participate in public discussions, how we produce research that reaches out:
Five Brittain postdoctoral fellows, Anna Ioanes, Owen Catrell, Sarah Whitcomb Laiola, Andrew Marzoni, and Matt Dischinger just published their timely piece on "Meditations in an Emergency: Teaching After Trump" in TechStyle.
Brian Magerko and Jason Freeman's EarSketch was recognized on Monday (as part of Computer Science Education Week) by The White House for their EarSketch program that uses music to teach code. Here is the WABE interview about this.
And while others may have Princess Leia, we have Princess Lisa (Yaszek) and her great GT video on What is Science Fiction? (for the Tech+knowledge+Y series).

Proud to be in a School that can contribute this kind of coverage and public outreach within a single week! rju