09 January, 2017

Our embedded librarian, and our various new spaces

While the GT Library is in the long process of being completely renovated (most books are now in a repository shared with Emory U), I jumped at the chance of inviting our subject librarian, Karen Viars, to become 'embedded' with us over in Skiles. She now has office space to meet with students and faculty directly in Skiles, adding to the increased activity level on the third floor of our building, which is quickly becoming a place to congregate and communicate. We now have the DILAC lab, the Computational Media lounge, the LMC lounge, the Co-Lab (including student internships) the Outreach lab with space for our alumni/ae, and in the near future we will add the offices of the Atlanta Review (including student internships) and the Sci-Fi lab. Get ready for a new year with lots of connections between the various spaces in LMC!