12 January, 2017

Social Justice class in LMC featured in rollingout

One of the two great Digital Liberal Arts Center (DILAC) fellows I was able to bring to our School for AY 2016-2017, Joycelyn Wilson, was recently interviewed about her Social Justice class by rollingout:

On Friday, Jan. 13, 2017, Dr. Joycelyn Wilson, known simply as Dr. Joyce, a Georgia Tech visiting professor is offering a hip-hop course on Atlanta’s civil rights history utilizing a unique and groundbreaking personalized learning tool, virtual reality, in addition to trap music and lyrics of OutKast.

The students will examine relationships between culture, media, race, science and technology. The course is titled: “Exploring the Lyrics of OutKast and Trap Music to Explore Politics of Social Justice.” It’s a humanities elective and a requirement of the new minor in social justice.
Here, Dr. Joyce gives insight on how artists such as OutKast play a critical role in the African American tradition of message music.  READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE