03 February, 2017

First LMC Salon event: Race and Media in the Post-Obama Era

Thanks to all for a great first Salon event, an outcome of our discussions in our LMC Diversity Working Group. Although some of us decided to participate in the student protest (apparently the first on GT's campus for many, many years, we had 21 participants, staff and faculty, and we shared our views and observations on "Race and Media in the Post-Obama Era." No publishable deliverables really, except for tips about how we deal with the current situation and the role of the media inside and outside our classrooms. Some suggestions emerged: Perhaps we should create a common reading list for LMC to help each other be inclusive of questions of race, gender, disability, etc., in our teaching and other interactions? And perhaps we might read certain texts, all of us, and discuss them together, so that they might become part of a community of inclusive practices for ourselves and for our students?
The picture shows Karen Head (LMC; and member of Diversity Working Group) and Colin Potts (IC), who were included in GT's recent Diversity Narratives project. More of the pix are at: