25 April, 2017

Paul Sturtevant reviews my Manifesto

Absolutely delighted by Paul Sturtevant's review of my Medievalism: A Manifesto for The Public Medievalist. A long time ago, I sent a copy of my first book on Literary Nominalism in the Late Middle Ages to Heiko Oberman. He sent me a hand-written response, in which told me he really enjoyed reading it, but that my own methodology was based on the very 'medieval realism' I claimed William of Ockham and Geoffrey Chaucer had overcome, ushering in modernity. Touché. -- Now Paul shows how I am advocating to include broader audiences for our work, but I do so (at least in part) in all too polysyllabic prose. Message received! And then Paul encourages me to write another book, and one directed not to fellow medievalists. -- That's a big challenge.