04 May, 2017

DH & DESIGN Symposium hosted as part of LMC's DILAC

Our Digital Integrated Liberal Arts Center hosted fantastic Digital Humanities & Design Symposium, expertly organized by Carl DiSalvo and Lauren Klein (both LMC), and we heard keynotes by Tony Dunne (From Technological Futures to Alternative Worldviews) and Kelly Baker Josephs (Caribbean Considerations: Audience and Access in Digital Humanities); and by Anne Burdick (Digital Humanities Design Questions) and Jentery Sayers (Is Design Bad for Media History?); roundtables on 1) A design brief for the digital humanities, with Jessica Marie Johnson, Matt Ratto, Daniela Rosner, Rachel Sagner Buurma, Joycelyn Wilson; 2) The idea of speculation as theorized in DH and Design, with Ian Bogost, Susana Morris, Molly Wright Steenson, Whitney Trettien; and 3) The role of social justice in DH and Design, with Alexandrina Agloro, Mimi Onuoha, Miriam Posner, Juan Carlos Rodriguez; and various workshops including all participants.