12 April, 2018

The Year's Work in Medievalism 32 (2017) TOC

Forthcoming in early May, 2018


The Year's Work in Medievalism 32 (2017) 

Ed. by Richard Utz


  • Nancy Ciccone, Now and Then: Ishiguro’s Medievalism in The Buried Giant
  • Karl Fugelso, The Medieval(ism) in British Library MS Yates Thompson 36 
  • Paul Hardwick, Arthurising the Wife of Bath: Two Chaucer Adaptations
  • Teresa P. Rupp, From Ivanhoe to Ironclad: Excavating Layers of Tradition in a Medieval Film
  • James L. Smith, Disturbing the Ant-Hill: Misanthropy and Cosmic Indifference in Clark Ashton Smith’s Medieval Averoigne
  • Usha Vishnuvajjala, The Future We—and the Middle Ages—Want

FORUM:  Medievalism and Russia
  • Richard Utz, (Neo)Medievalism is a Global Phenomenon: The Case for Including Russia
  • Dina Khapaeva, Neomedievalism and the Re-Stalinization of Russia